How To Play on Practice Mode

Step 1

Press "Practice" button and click the trangle start button to start playing the free practice song.

Step 2

The game starts with the song playing, and the first question appears in the question box atop the belt. The player will have around 10 seconds per question to read the question and different color options.

Step 3

Different color rhythm groups comes on the belt. The player must then tap the correct color rhythm group to complete the question.

Step 4

To answer the question, player presses "J", "K" or "L" to tap your answer in the correct color rhythm group.


Different rhythm group color blocks represent different rhythm tracks of the song, such as beat, vocal, piano, guitar, kick and snare. The player must tap the correct group of colored blocks in time with the beat. The system will evaluate the precision of each tap based on the correct color answer.