Musetap Game is now live on BSC Testnet!

Contact Telegram@Cosmoslivehk for free tested tokens to start Music Esport!


Why do we start the Musetap Game Project?

We promote music to the world, especially Hong Kong music, and create music value through gaming. Moreover, our project develops Music-to-Earn, which generates additional income for music creators.

Minting for Musetap Piano NFT is now available!

Early Bird Presale Package is now available at the Hong Kong physical shop (Shop 345, Solo, 48 Shantung Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong) and


At this time, we invite music producers to become one of our song providers.

For details, Please click below "Application for Song Provider".


Musetap is a developing Music-to-Earn game app. To earn tokens, players engage in rhythm tapping games. Meanwhile, creators earn tokens and gain exposure.

It is planned to issue two types of tokens (PMT and TMT) and two types of non-fungible tokens (Piano and Song) on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

Players can download our app from the Apple Store or Google Play, buy Piano NFT, and play rhythm tapping games to earn TMT. When players select their songs to play in a game, music creators gain exposure and earn TMT.

For players who purchase the first 10,000 Presale Piano NFT, the Piano NFT can be used to earn TMT. Moreover, when the game launches, they will receive PMT, attribute point cards, minting cards, and a stallholder license via airdrop. In the future, PMT and TMT will be applicable outside of the gaming industry.

Play Music Token (PMT)

Governance token, limited supplies of 3 billion. It is used to upgrade Piano NFT, voting, launching Song NFT to app song list and stake PMT to activate stallholder licence. In the future, it can be used to open a stall to provide musical services and products, and renting by payment of PMT.

Tap Music Token (TMT)

Gaming tokens, unlimited supply. It is used to repair and upgrade Piano NFT. Participating in a rhythm tapping game yields TMT.

Piano NFT

First, we are launching the 10,000 Common Piano NFT Collections, which were algorithmically generated on the Binance Smart Chain using the BEP 721A token standard.

Song NFT

It initiates a rhythm tapping game for the player. The owner of the Song NFT (must hold a Piano NFT) and foundation will receive at least 0.1TMT each time it is played by another player.

// Roadmap

Phase One - Minting takes place

Phase Two - Community Events

Phase Three - Game launches

Phase Four - Voting system for Song NFT listing

Phase Five - Golden Song and Music Esport

Phase Six - Competition

Phase Seven - Items market

Phase Eight - Stallholder function available

Phase Nine - Audiobook NFT and Stallholder minting available

Phase Ten - Cooperate with Pop Stars, Creators, Physical Shops and Streaming Platforms

Phase Eleven - Piano NFT and Song NFT Renting Market

Team Members

Cosmos - Founder

He is a music producer with 6 years experience. He loves Hong Kong music and is good at musical composition, arrangement and mixing. Last year he created his own Song NFT on BSC. Currently, he is a Song NFT provider to the game.

Lily - Creative Director

She is a lyric writer with 5 years experience. She is also a computer and mobile game fanatic. She is a lyric writer of Song NFT of the game.

Group of Hong Kong musicians and creators

They are friends of Cosmos and Lily. They all have the passion for creations including music, novels, painting, audiobooks and audio dramas etc.


Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data on the blockchain stored on a digital ledger. Its purpose is to establish the proof of ownership of digital assets such as jpg, videos, gifs and more.

Musetap Game Project is a Music-to-Earn game app created by a team of Hong Kong musicians and creators who would like to create music value apart from gaming. Furthermore, we would like to build a community full of music and creativity.

Each Piano NFT as your musical instrument or game tool, also acts as a membership card to join events exclusively, access our Musetap game and enjoy members-only benefits, for example, Piano NFT holders with Stallholder licience can be a Stallholder from phase eight.

In order to get a Piano NFT, all you need is a MetaMask or other decentralized wallet with some BNB (BEP20) in it, then you are good to go in minting page!

You will receive airdropped PMT after confirmation. The rest package contents, including attribute point cards, minting cards and stallholder licience, will be airdropped once the game app is ready. Stay tuned for updates on our Twitter, Instagram, Official Website, Telegram, Discord Channel for any news regarding the launch time and our future plans!

A liquidity pool is a vault into which participants deposit their assets in order to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair. Technically speaking, the vault is a smart contract that enables users to securely store their tokens. BNB/PMT and BNB/TMT trading pairs will be available on